Galli real estate agency, a female alliance

A close-knit all-women team founded on the principle that it is possible to find the right balance between work and private life. This is a reality at Galli Immobiliare, an agency that has been active in Ticino and Grisons for many years, in particular in the Sopraceneri and Mesolcina regions.


There are nine women involved in the agency’s activities of property sales, letting, and administration at the head office in Grono, and the Rivera branch. Director Fabiana Galli leads the team. Here is our interview with her.

Is it a coincidence or a choice to have an agency composed of solely women?

“About ten years ago I started working at the agency where I am co-owner, and I understood that for a woman it is preferable to have a job that allows her a certain flexibility. In this way she is able to obtain professional recognition as well as having a satisfying private life, starting from a family. Therefore, based on my own experience, I considered giving the possibility to other women to work in an all-female environment, which in order to organize the workload means taking into account the requirements of those who have children, in my case two. And the majority of our colleagues are mothers”. 


So, in this way even if they continue to be the focal point of the private realm, are women able to work without too much stress?

“Yes, that’s the aim. To create a workplace that is sympathetic to female needs when it comes to organizing the day, and this enables quality of life to be greatly improved”.


What type of roles do you have in the agency?

“There is an accountant and a human resources manager. One colleague deals mostly with the technical side, while the other women in the team are all estate agents and take care of client relations, to do with letting or sales. Last but not least, we have a second-year commercial apprentice working with us”.


In real estate, is it better to have women in the role of estate agents?

“As in all things skillset and character is what matters, not the gender of the person. In general, however, I can say that on a personal level, women on the whole are better at empathizing with clients. Especially when talking about property, they don’t get lost in the technicalities but are able to give useful advice regarding everyday living requirements. They are sensitive and have a more practical approach to problems, as well as being more emotional, and clients appreciate this”.


Primarily, what type of property do you deal with?

“Mostly we deal with our own real estate promotions, from the acquisition of land to the construction, but we also manage third-party property. Apartments and commercial offices are the most prevalent types. For example, the Parco Lunghi Neighbourhood in Rivera, and the New Quartiere Birreria under construction in Grono”. 


What kind of relationship do you have with tenants?

“As always it varies from person to person, with some we have a very friendly rapport, with others it is more neutral. In general, the thing that people are most interested in is an immediate response to maintenance, and a quick solution to any breakages, damage or replacements. Apart from this, I have noticed that the people who live in districts that have been designed as types of residential parks, such as Rivera, and the soon-to-be Quartiere Birreria of Grono, tend to maintain long-term tenancies in the same place, rather than those who live in anonymous apartment blocks, where there is more turnover. Good neighborly relations plus a connection with other inhabitants of the area, the sense of belonging to a community, is certainly an important factor when choosing a place to live. In any case, there was not much happening in 2020, due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Many people decided to put their move or change on hold till a later date”.


Just one last question, will there ever be a male colleague in your agency?

“Yes, I don’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be. The fact is however that we are used to the philosophy that I explained earlier, that of a work mentality tailored to women. And at the end of the day, I believe that particularity is also a fine business card, capable of conveying female entrepreneurial expertise”.